November 2020
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Isaac’s Baptism

See more pictures from this event!God sent much needed sunshine to bless the first baptism of 2010 at the Newmarket on Fergus church in Co. Clare.

Visitors attended from the Dublin and Galway churches to witness the commitment of 35 yr. old  Isaac Guerrero, a native of Spain now studying in Ireland. Isaac had previously attended both the Dublin and Galway churches before arriving in Newmarket in 2008.

Isaac was warmly welcomed and nurtured by the Newmarket members before the Holy Spirit impressed upon him the need to undertake in depth Bible studies with Pastor Tony O’Rourke in preparation for baptism. God rewarded him with beautiful sunshine as he took his stance for Jesus in the flower bedecked outdoor baptismal pool surrounded by his church family.

Special music items were presented by the ladies from Dublin church and John McNamara of the Galway church while Betty O’Rourke explained the baptismal service to the children using the illustration of  Psalms 91:4.

Following a call by Pastor Tony for others to follow Isaac’s example another young man came forward requesting baptismal Bible studies.

Isaac’s tutor from college, a Catholic lady, attended to witness an adult baptism by immersion. Her impression was one of amazement of the churches love for Jesus and how the members worked together as a team.  This lady promised to visit again and should have left by 3pm to attend another appointment but remained until 4pm discussing her impression and asking questions about the beliefs of the church members.

After Pastor Tony welcomed Isaac into the membership of the Newmarket church,  Pastor John Duroe closed the service with special prayers for Isaac. Pastor Duroe will be working in Ireland for three months to support the west of Ireland churches. May God bless him and his wife Irene as they serve him here.

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