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A nun finds the answers

A conversion story

Angela as a nunHer eyes were closed, her fake ashen. She was dressed all in white. She was dead. And she was my friend. Aged six, I was kneeling by her bedside with some of her brothers and sisters. We were praying for her.

I was baptised in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Clarecaslte, Co Clare, in the month of my birth. One of seven children, I was reared a devout Catholic. My father worked as a gardener at a Franciscan Friary, and at an early age I was introduced to Jesus, Mary and the saints.

Kneeling by the bedside of my little friend, my young mind was shocked into spiritual consciousness for the first time. Questions clamoured for answers. Why did my friend have to die? Why had God given Me life if I was going to die??

So many questions, their number and urgency increased as the years went by. In the changeless society in which I grew up so much was taken for granted, so many questions left unasked, let alone answered. So many puzzles and contradictions and pieces that would not fit together.

The only thing I was certain about was death. So there was a heaven to be won… and a hell to be shunned. My mother’s piety was a good influence upon me, she was my good angel. Read the rest of this entry »

The greatest miracle takes place inside you!

From the Scripture we know that Jesus was a worker of miracles – He healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, turned water into wine and alike! But we also know that he didn’t seek to attract people by mere physical manifestations, no matter how powerful they were, Jesus sought to reach out for their hearts.

The greatest miracle takes place inside you!

This is my testimony that Jesus is alive, living and working in people’s lives, hearts and minds. Once He comes to live in us by the power of the Holy Spirit, the miracle inside you begins! Jesus calls it ‘to be born of the Spirit’ (John 3:8), Ezekiel – ‘a new heart’ (Ezekiel 36:26), Paul – ‘a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come’ (2 Corinthians 5: 17) and ‘I no longer live, but Christ lives in me’ (Galatians 2:20), and again in Colossians 1:26, 27 – the mystery of the gospel ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’. Read the rest of this entry »

Isaac’s Baptism

See more pictures from this event!God sent much needed sunshine to bless the first baptism of 2010 at the Newmarket on Fergus church in Co. Clare. Read the rest of this entry »

Our website launched!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

What a blessing to see our website launched!

We have a great vision for it, all your prayers are needed!

All are welcome to take part in filling this website with God’s goodness!


Martin – Admin